Saturday, November 21, 2009

Snowy Saturday

What a snowy wonderland I woke up to this morning! It's not much, and since we are in the last few weeks of November, we're expecting much, much more.

Sadly there isn't enough out there to make a snowman, but probably enough to make a decent snowball or two.

It's a lovely sunny day, and maybe Jeremie and I will go out for a walk, but first there is the ever insistent packing that has to be done.

Yesterday while doing some Christmas shopping, I came across this stationary. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I have a serious problem with stationary. I love it! And this beauty was opened allowing me to feel the paper and envelopes.

Because I have such a wonderful husband, he didn't mind me taking this stationary home - as long as I used it to write Christmas letters!
I told him that wouldn't be a problem.

The blue reminds me very much of Wedgwood blue, though the photo's don't do the colour justice. It's embossed with silver and has a beautiful pattern on the inside of the envelopes.

Today will be mostly a home day, doing lots of packing and probably some letter writing. ;)
We are meeting up with friends later for dinner and games, but that will be a whole different post tomorrow.
- Jenny


Niki RuralWritings said...

no snow here yet and very mild! beautiful stationary...
love u

Katidids said...

Beautiful stationary! I dug some out of a drawer that is about 25 yrs old, pen & ink printed sketches on the bottom....I remember when I bought it to, we had just moved back to the states. It's funny how some things can hold a sweet memory

Rhonda Jean said...

wow, here I am sitting in the heat with no rain for weeks and crunchy grass. How I envy your snow.