Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving and Working

I am currently in Edmonton, using my sis-in-law's laptop to write.

Jeremie and I are looking to move down here, and he is dropping off resume's all this week. Thankfully Jeremie's sister Emilie, and her husband live right downtown and are letting us stay the week with them.

They visit us quite a bit, even though Edmonton from where we currently live is a good 3 hours away. We like taking turns coming over and visiting at each others houses.

It's a little different now, looking more at living here, rather then visiting.

Brad (Emilie's husband) grew up in Edmonton, which is a blessing, as he'll be able to help us look for housing in good areas and know which areas of the city to avoid.

Right now, Jeremie and I are just doing a lot of praying. Praying about work, moving, money - all those earthly things that can bother us so much.
It's a huge relief to know that our loved ones are praying just as much!

Just thought I'd post a note. I know I'm overdue for a good, loooong post. And I will! You'll see!

God Bless!
~ Jenny