Monday, August 25, 2008

Mail Surprises!

I was picking up my mail at the local post office when I noticed I had a parcel stub - going over to the counter I was happily handed a mid-sized bubble envelope.
It was addressed to me, and so I assumed it was more of my families little gifts.
I was surprised when I saw that it was from Illinois! I stood there and thought for a moment: Who do I know from Illinois? Somebody from my DH's side of the family?? No...
Finally I remembered my mother's good friend Bren, who she had gone to visit during their road trip this summer.
Quickly I trotted home and tore into the parcel. My smile was huge as I read Bren's kind card and unfolded her lovely gifts.
A hand-quilted table runner:
And a beautifully made vintage apron: It's yellow terry (I believe) and has an embroidered honey-brown and gold honeycomb design.

It's absolutely beautiful Bren, Thank you VERY much. What a wonderful gift! I know that both will be well used. :)

Today is a busy day - Jeremie had a long weekend this week and it spoiled me, having him home all day for three days, but today it's back to the real world!
I need to make my menu plan and do the grocery shopping for the week. I also am looking forward to my interview later on today with the local Public Library.
It's just casual, but that works perfectly for me. At first they offered if I'd be interested in a 2-3 year contract, which would include running the staff, planning the programs and helping start-up the volunteer center.
A job I would have loved, but I had to admit that I doubted Jeremie and I would be here past Spring. So, I turned down that offer, but they countered with a casual circulation work.
I really hope it works out - it would be a huge blessing to have some income coming in while Jeremie is in school for the next two months. God's timing is perfect!

Jeremie and I are constantly meeting new people through our Church, we met two other young couples and Jeremie hit it off immediately with one of the young men there who helps lead worship. Jeremie is pretty musically inclined himself and is a pretty good guitarist. We were talking about instruments and I have never been able to play them myself - but on Sunday during worship one of the young men was playing a bongo, after being introduced and chatting for a while I asked if it was difficult and if it would be possible for me to play it as well.

He shrugged and couldn't think of a reason why not, he said that I just needed to start playing around with one - apparently one doesn't really need lessons to be taught how to play.
He (Jared) suggested that Jeremie and I come over one evening this week and we could all play together. He'd show me the basics and he and Jeremie could play on some guitars.
I thought that was kind of him, and Jeremie thinks it could be pretty fun too. So we accepted but no date has been set yet, as the woman who is interviewing me this afternoon asked (if everything went well) if I could start training immediately.

So between interviews, possibly training, college and careers group as well as visiting and the car being in the garage - things have been keeping me jumping.
It's nice though and I am enjoying getting to know more of this community.

~ Jenny


Em said...

Hi Jenny, Eileen in England here. Thinking about you and wishing you lots of luck with the job interview. I love the idea of playing the bongo drums. I often join in with the beat on my chair arm if I am listening to rock music, and I play a mean "air guitar" on my walking stick too. My poor long suffering cat looks at me with dismay at times LOL.

Cheers, Eileen.

Christy Lee said...

When I saw you got something from Illinois I was really hoping it was the card I sent!!! Frustrating that it's taking so long!

Bren said...

Tell Christy Lee it took almost 3 weeks for your package to get to you. I was worried it was lost. I am so glad you like it. I am making another one for a close relative of yours...shhhhh
The apron is so cute on you. PLEASE use it. If you look, there are vintage stains already on it. Go ahead and add more. I wonder about the young wife who made and wore that little apron. I hope she was as happy as you are in your new life! It is such a bright cheery apron, I am sure she was!

Lady of the Manor said...

Hi Jenny, I love reading all about your new life, let us know if you get the job. So wonderful to see you getting along with all these big changes so beautifully.

Love, Margaret, Lady of the Manor

Vanessa said...

Jenny-fer. . .I miss you. Do you remember us? I'm going to Silver Lake this weekend, but afterwards please call me :( Once again, I miss you.