Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!

We've had quite the snow here lately. Flurries have been on and off for the last three days; it seems we missed Fall altogether and went straight to Winter.
The trees were taken by surprise, and just started dumping their leaves without even bothering to change colour.

I took these pictures this morning. Only Jeremie and I seem to be excited about the snow, the others in the household not so much.
I am very thankful for my winter boots, hats and home-made mittens right now!

I suppose some people would be upset at having a snowy Thanksgiving - even the news man said that this has been the coldest Thanksgiving weekend in 50 years!
I'll believe that!

So we are all snuggled down on this Sunday morning, while it's snowing outside, the house quiet except for the furnace which will humm now and again.
Today seems like the perfect time to work on a few home-made Christmas gifts, get my Pumpkin pie bakes and ready for tomorrow and maybe bundle up for a quiet walk in the snow with my husband.

Happy Thanksgiving!
- Jenny


Yours Faithfully said...

Nice snaps! We are from Minnesota, US. Not the least bit excited about the snow!

Jennifer PrairieHome said...

*laugh* I can understand that!
Has snow showed up there yet?

Niki RuralWritings said...

yucky! Poor poopsie....bundle up!
love ya

Irene said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU GUYS. Do not make to many tiny snowballs.

Love Aunt Irene, Uncle David and the whole harding family

Lady of the Manor said...

Oh my, Jen, Yikes snow on Thanksgiving - and we "whine" when it gets here before the end of October. Well I'm thinking - it could be worse - could be freezing rain - think I would take the snow before the freezing rain! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Keep posting when you can we love your posts.
Margaret & Family