Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Been a While

~:.Hello My Friends.:~
It's been a while eh? Since my last post.
Since my last post, I have successfully moved from Edmonton, AB to Ottawa.
Jeremie has found work and I am apartment hunting! I'm pretty excited about that, and am very much looking forward to my own place again.

I had a lovely birthday since.
I received stationary from my brother and his fiancee, a vintage paper-doll catalogue from my sister and her husband, my favourite Lilac-scented perfume from my parents, and "The Green Bible" from my darling husband.
To top it all off, we went skating on the world's longest skating rink - The Rideau Canal. It was freezing and windy, but we happily sat at a picnic table in -13 degree weather eating Beaver tails and Poutine like the good Canadians we are!

In other news, I am desperately trying to grow out my hair.
My husband loves long hair, but since dating me, I have never had longer than mid-neck length.
The reason being that growing out my hair drives me crazy, and I always end up just chopping it off again!
So I got a perm to help me through that 'shaggy' stage.

I like it, and Jeremie likes it.
Hopefully it'll keep me from cutting my hair short again.
I know this is a short, little post! But I will try to update more regularly soon!
God Bless,


kate said...

I love the perm. It looks really cute. And congrats to |Jeremy on finding work. It so isnt fun looking and not finding and interviewsing and not hearing... CONGRATS ON BEING DONE WITH THAT FOR NOW!!!

Margaret said...

Nice to "hear" from you Jenny. Love the hair. What a great idea. Good luck apartment hunting. Margaret

Janel from NellieBellie said...

I do the same thing!! Except with color. When I feel the urge to cut my hair, I color it. It helps me last a bit longer. Otherwise I would be in all the time to cut my hair shorter and shorter. Yours looks cute!