Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Badly Timed Projects.

I generally tend to do this - start projects at the worst time possible! I decided a few weeks ago I would make use of my wonderfully large window sills by getting some plants. Herbs would be nice, I thought.
I found out however, that practically no one has any plant or planting projects in October.
But, after making some changes to my plans I found that I could still start some plants from seeds, and I was able to find (three hardware stores later) some clay pots at a second hand store!
My friend Amy, who is up for the week from Ontario helped me paint the pots with acrylic paints found at our local dollar store.

Because of my off-season project I was able to get 5 for a dollar seed packets.
Two herbs and some flowers.
I also started my "floor pillow" project. I was able to find a couple good pillows and some great on sale material! The total for the fabric only came to 18.00 and change ~ I was very happy! The pillows themselves are pretty nice, but I really wanted my own fabric that I could take off and clean if need be. One is a cotton Indian paisley, the other a golden light upholstery fabric.
I'll hopefully be sewing them next week.
I love the smell of incense, if it's the right type. There's a funky little store in a town about half and hour away from me. Amy and I went on a day trip and ran into that store, where I bought 6 sticks of assorted scents. I got Egyptian musk, sandalwood, jasmine and a few others.
So! Thats where I've been so far!
God Bless,
~ Jenny


Vanessa said...

Good for you Jenny! I can't wait to see how your floor cushions turn out! I could use a few of those. . .where did you get the cushions?

Nice paint job. I hope your herbs from seed turn out alright :):)

Vanessa said...

oh ya - I have a really great flowring plant that I could give you a slip of . . .then, once it's rooted, you can plant it and you at least have budding evidence of something gowing in that soil.

It's the one I have on my kitchen window ledge - with the pink flowers?

Anyway, we can talk when you're down (in 3 weeksish!). Katy asked me if you, me, Julie, Kate and the babies want to go to Kingston. I thought that sounded like fun, but I know you have a lot of people you want to see. . .so I'll let you decide that one.


Niki RuralWritings said...

Love the pillows and the pots ...20 days and counting!!!
love u

Niki RuralWritings said...

I love your new blog look, Jen Jen!
and i miss u


Sandra Rowell said...

I love what you've done with the flower pots. They are VERY pretty. I have a few that I could do for myself...if I can find/take the time.

Christy Lee said...

I am always off in my timing with projects, too! I'm sorry you never got your card...the post office didn't like the address!