Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Thanksgivings!

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!
Today starts off my busy Thanksgiving season - I'll be heading off to Edmonton with Jeremie to visit my sister-in-law and her husband.
We'll be down from Friday to next Monday, a good length of time I think, not too short but not too long either.
Because of the long drive, Jeremie and I decided I would go to school with him, and from there leave straight to Edmonton, effectively cutting almost an hour of driving.
He's in the middle of a welding test and I'm hanging out in the library - which I must say is very nice. Much better then my old college's library!
This morning, it was -5 and the weather has called for flurries this afternoon and evening. The high today is only 2 degrees!
I know I'm more north then Ontario, but getting snow already?!
In Ontario it would at least hold off until mid to late November.
I have already pulled out all the winter gear such as our coats, hats and mitts.
Our landlord said that someone would be coming around soon to re-do all the windows in our apartment. I am really looking forward to that - this week we had a wind storm and I could hear it howling through and around our kitchen window.
Jeremie has told me that he's woken up to a small snowdrift sitting on the windowsill through last winter.
On the plus side, heat is included in our rent, so if we need to crank it up, at least it's not on our dime.
Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and for you Canadians, I hope you have a good Thanksgiving!
God Bless,
~ Jenny


Lady of the Manor said...

Great to see you posting again Jenny. Mary Beth and I love to read about your new life ...Married Out West. When we were at dance class with your Mom & Dad I was remembering with them the Carp Fair from the year before with you and Jereime together, when he came to visit you. Seems like yesterday and long ago at the same time. Our blessing to both of you this Thanksgiving and Happy Thanksgiving.