Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where Has Reality Gone?

I saw this ad today - and I could not believe it.
This is a read ad by Ralph Lauren and frankly, it disgusted me.
Her body has been so distorted by Photoshop that she actually looks deformed or on her death bed.

Her head is actually larger than her pelvis. Who on earth could look at this and decide that this is what a person should look like?
Sadly, I wish this were a joke but this is a real ad, and Ralph Lauren has yet to post or comment on it.
Is our perspective on what reality is so twisted that this can actually be published and put out for the public to view and accept??

It's really no wonder that we have so many girls and now boys, suffering from anorexia and bulimia. Or teens who have to have plastic surgery because of how "horrible" they look.
Its creating an entire generation of people who automatically believe that they are unattractive and of little value because the media is setting standards that are not even humanly possible!

Ugh, it fires me up so much, and makes me madder then I'm even willing to admit.
It just leaves such a horrible taste in my mouth.

Oh, and by the way - this model was later fired for being too 'fat' at 120lbs. This she told interviewers herself.

Anger and sadness thats what I feel when I think of 12 year old girls being exposed to all of this - I can't imagine what they must feel.

Full Article
Another Impossibly Skinny Ralph Lauren Model (don'cha just love seeing the model's ribcage through her shirt??)

- Jenny


Niki RuralWritings said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!! Those pictures are ridiculous and very harmful. That's it, Jen, we're not buying Ralph Lauren anymore!...lol,(not that we ever did) Hopefull one day fashion will swing back to a more "normal" look
Love u

Anonymous said...

A Christian singer, Johnny Diaz has a song called, "Beautiful You"; the song is about media's view on beautiful vs God's view on beauty. When I saw this pic for the first time that song came to mind. That picture is just weird looking - good call.

JOY said...

Hi Jenny,

Joy here from the 'journey to biblical submission' blog here. Thanks so much for coming by and reading my blog. It's still in the 'baby stage' so it's so nice when 'strangers' come by and leave a comment. Well you're not a stranger anymore so.
Nice to read your blog to. It looks wonderful.

Be blessed,