Friday, July 25, 2008

Dear Friend

A few days ago I had a wonderful visit with my Aunt Cheryl and cousin Laurel - they drove two hours just to come for an afternoon visit! I'm blessed with so many wonderful people!
They stayed for the afternoon and I took them to our favourite Mennonite restaurant, "Country Cousins" which they enjoyed immensely.
The best part of this restaurant easily is the Peanut Butter Pie - - It is sooo good and addictive! Since hubs couldn't be there, I bought one of the pies to take home. Just as I thought it was well received, and made a great snack to take to work the next day.

The weather here has been wonderful lately. After such a cold few weeks the warm sunshine feels so nice and Jeremie and I have been going for walks around the park.
I even made him stop so we could play in the park a bit - one forgets how much fun a simple swing set can be...especially when you get to be pushed!

Today I'm pretty excited - I get to go on a tour of where Jeremie works. He's a welder in a large manufacturing factory, and never having seen welding or any type of metal construction, I am excited to see what it's really like.
I'll head over in a few hours when he's on break so he can give me the grand tour himself.

I'm a little tired today, but that makes sense as I hardly got any sleep last night. I woke up abruptly at 1:30 in the morning - I could smell food, or more like something toasting or burning.
Of course I got up right away and went to the kitchen, sniffing all the way.
But no, the oven was cool, as were the elements. I unplugged the toaster and the breadmaker and still couldn't identify what that food-smell was.
I did notice though that the smell lessened as I went into the family room.
We never figured it out, but we assume it was the apartment above us, as our bedroom was the smelliest room.
I just turned up the fan and opened the window more and soon was able to get back to sleep.
....I think Jeremie might've stirred once during the whole ordeal. He's a heavy sleeper!

I'm looking forward to this weekend a lot - due to some technical difficulties during the Batman movie that we saw last week, everyone in the theater was given a free-pass movie ticket. So we're thinking of going into Calgary and catching another movie.
Not sure which one though . . hmm.

I've been re-reading my mushy Janette Oke books. I'm in the middle of "A Gown Of Spanish Lace" - they're cheesy and predictable, but I think every woman needs a mushy romance every so often. I like that Janette Oke is Christian, so I don't need to worry about content. I can just sit down with some iced tea and just float away on my romantic cloud. It's so unrealistic, but thats probably why I like it.
After I finish this book, I better read something with a bit more "meat" on it...hmm...I have so many books. (I had to unpack over 7 large boxes just full of books when I moved here!) As a Librarian it's a hard temptation to resist!
I think the next on my list will probably be "Memoirs Of A Geisha" by Arthur Golden.
Well I better get going,
God Bless!


Vanessa said...

Every girl needs a Jeannette Oke novel now and again. I always like to read them when I'm sick in bed. Hey. . .now that I have Henry, I probably don't get to be sick in bed for a long time. . .

Love you!!

Niki RuralWritings said...

I need a Janette Oke fix every once in a while too. Glad the burning smell turned out to be nothing! Have a great tour, can't wait to hear all about it
Love U

Christy Lee said...

I haven't ever heard of Jeannette Oke, but now I have something new to look for! I have read and re-read all the books on my shelves a million times, so I'm always looking for new reading material. Thanks!

One Christian Mom said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time with your family! I love when family comes to visit, it's usually such a good time! Peanut Butter Pie sounds outstanding :-)
Welding can be a bit of a shock if you have never seen it before. My hubby used to be a welder, it's neat what they can create.
Here's hoping you get a better night's sleep tonight :-)

JillyRae said...

I just found your moms blog last it! You are very lucky to have a mother who, evidently, loves you all so very much!! You are a very beautiful lady btw, sure you've heard that plenty of times.
You must be excited starting your new marriage journey. It will be 16 years next month since I was a newly wed..time flies!
All the best to you : )

Em said...

Hi Jenny, Thank you for another interesting and amusing post. The story of the late night food smell made me think of the time when I had not been married long (nearly 40 years ago). I woke up in the night and could hear a little pat pat pat sound. I sat up to hear where the noise was coming from and discovered a drip of water was coming through the ceiling and landing on the bed. There was a big wet patch on the bed. I tried soooo hard to wake my husband but he just grumbled a little and carried on sleeping. I pushed the bed with him in it to the other side of the room and put a bucket down to catch the drips. Then I resumed my attempts to wake him, it took another 20 mins. I think now that I was probably being far, far too gentle LOL.
I am glad to hear someone else is as mad on books as me (I am an ex-librarian too). The only problem is moving them for any reason. I am decorating my dining room and it took ages to empty the bookshelves and I now have piles of books stacked everywhere, including all the way upstairs on the end of every step !
Hope you enjoy your day, Best wishes, Eileen.

Vanessa said...

you be mentioned *here*