Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wonderful Surprise!

I walked to the post office to collect our mail, enjoying the nice sunny day - which got even better when I picked up a parcel sent to me from my mother.
I knew it was coming, but I had no idea what was in it! As I was walking I thought that maybe I should wait for Jeremie to be home before I opened it . . .but I was too impatient.
Eagerly I walked home and as soon as I could I ripped it open.
What a lovely surprise! Inside was a card from my mother, as well as a set of serving spoons, a magnetic pin holder and four beautiful place mats that she had found in Pennsylvania, and thought would look good with my dish set.

This really is such a handy package to get! Mom knew I hadn't any serving spoons yet, or place mats. Both I was looking for. And only last week I was in the local fabric store and contemplating getting a magnetic pincushion, I put it down though because it was 20.00$ and I didn't need it that badly!

Thank you so much mom and dad! I love the gifts very much!

I made buns and a loaf of bread today. The buns are for dinner tonight, and we needed bread in the house for Jeremie's lunches. Although lately I've been blessed enough to have him home for lunch, which is much more fun then eating alone, and I know he likes to relax at home before getting back to the sweltering work shop.

My mom taught me a great trick for separating the sticky dough into buns. I always had trouble pulling the dough away from the lump and trying to slice it away. But watching my mom, I learned that the easiest way, was to use scissors. It's cleaner, quicker and much easier then using a knife.

I've been writing letters to friends as well. I've always loved writing and I enjoy sending off letters or cards to my friends; and I know they enjoy receiving them. I wrote two last night and plan on writing more.
I have a love for stationary and own tons of different papers and card - and I really should start using them up I think.

Well it's about time to start that roast.

God Bless!


Christy Lee said...

That was a great gift from your parents! I know you will put it all to good use. I love to write letters...maybe we should start a pen pal thing!

Vanessa said...

Hey Jenny - Mom is so good at taking note of some of those things that we may need and surprising us with them!

Your dinner sounds lovely! Can Cory, Henry and I come??

Love you,

Niki RuralWritings said...

I'm sooo glad it arrived!!! Are the placemats the right colour?
The pin cushion was way less than $20, in Pennsylvania. Your bread making is looking great!
Miss You and loveyou

Bren said...

My mom has brought me serving spoons too and I was 40!!! Something about mom's and serving spoon. I love the placemats. I have never had a magnetic pincushion, but hear they are wonderful. My kids like to arrange my pins by color of the ball head. Even my little TJ likes to play with pins and the pincushions! What are you sewing lately??

Angie said...

Hi Jennifer, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I came to it through your Mom's blog. I will be adding both your and your sisters to my side bar so that I can check in on you both daily. All three of you ladies are an inspiration to me, I'm so glad I found you all!
Please feel free to stop by my blog and see what's going on in my world. I can be found at https://angiepie30.blogspot.com

p.s. your bread and buns look possitively delicious. I make bread too but I would love to try your recipes if you're willing to share.


Angie said...

Oops! there is no "s" in my URL.


JillyRae said...

You are so smart...those rolls look so yummy!
I think it's great you write letters. I have actually lost contact with some friends once we switched to email. I am switching back to letter writing and reconnecting...it's so fun to get a letter or card in the mail!

craftycherry said...

I found your blog the other day and have really enjoyed reading it. Especially love that youo are enjoying domestic life at home, thrifting and sewing and doing all that the things i do noe and only wish Id done at 21!!! have a great day
Crafty cherry

Lady of the Manor said...

Hi Jenny. Sounds like life in the West suits you just grand. So wonderful to see you and how you are settling in so well. Sounds like you are really making your place a wonderful home for you and Jeremie. The buns you made look tasty indeed and make me think I better start making some bread again. What a delight it is seeing the fruit the comes from such wonderful young couple who love the Lord and each other so much. It reminds me of the scripture. ...And He shall Bless a thousand generations of those that love Him." It just about brings tears of joy to my eyes to seeing the success both you and Jeremie have made of your lives. Doesn't seem that long ago you were both 15! Blessings to you both. Love Margaret, "Lady of the Manor." PS. Mary Beth enjoys your blog too!