Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today has been one busy day!
It's absolutely beautiful out - not too hot and a nice cool breeze, perfect to hang my laundry out!
I stripped the bed today and washed them all, I was excited to get them on the line. This, I'm sure my mother passed onto me.
She has an obsession with fresh smelling, line-dried clothing; I don't blame her! My sister too likes to do . . . oh what does she call it?....Basically freeze the house.
Vanessa will throw open all the windows and the doors in -17 degree weather to get the house smelling fresh.
I always remember her bedroom being freezing, but now she can freeze a whole house! ^.^ Alas, this action too, I am guilty of.
I guess the habit just passes down from one daughter to the next.

I even was able to throw my duvet over the clothes line - for just a few hours of sunlight and fresh air.
I'm reading the most wonderful book: "Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House" ~ Cheryl Mendelson

It reads almost like a novel if you're interested in such things like keeping house. There is a whole chapter on "Sleep" and the details on how to do such things like, turn down a bed, air a bed, make the bed, etc.
It shows you how to do mitered corners on your sheets and how to keep the blankets and pillows free of dust and other allergens.
Oddly enough this is my sister and my favourite chapter - I think its because we both like to sleep a lot. ;)

Our bathroom still isn't finished yet, it's still concrete flooring and dry-wall. I found a huge difference though when I scrubbed the bathroom. It smells nice and clean and even I can ignore the dry-wall if it looks and smells clean.

I had a lovely visit from one of the ladies I knew in Ontario, she came with her husband to Calgary and drove out to see me for a visit! It was a lovely afternoon, she spoiled me with a bouquet of beautiful lilies. The visit was over too quickly though, and soon we had to say goodbye - it was so nice seeing a familiar face again.

Last weekend Jeremie took me to Edmonton, where he and I was well as my sister-in-law and her husband went out to see the new Batman movie as well as go visit "Fort Edmonton"

I had so much fun - it's about the Ontario equivalent to "Upper Canada Village" - which has all the actors and people actually working in the trade shops and stores. However, this attraction was huge. It had a large steam train that took people around the village.

The village itself was separated into centuries from the 1800's to the early 1900's.
All the stores and buildings weren't just for display purposes, almost all of them were real stores you could purchase things from that were in line with the century they were representing.

We went inside the fort and Jeremie and Brad (my brother-in-law) taught me how to play a game that was very popular, and first played by the natives.
Basically it was like lacrosse, but instead of a stick with a net on it, it was literally, just a long stick. The ball was two leather sacks, filled with pebbles, with a thinner leather thong attaching them.
The point of the game was to fling the "ball" from your stick, and for your teammate to catch it.
I wasn't very good at it, but it was a lot of fun to play!

I just found out tomorrow is going to be another busy day! My aunt and cousin are coming up for a visit! Whew! When I prayed that I wouldn't get lonely out here - God sure delivered! I don't think I've been this busy since before the wedding!
..Oop! Time to put the casserole in. I have a hungry husband about to be home!

God Bless!


Vanessa said...

I do love fresh air!! It sounds like Jeremie is a blessed man (of course I always new as much!).

Love you!


Niki RuralWritings said...

Oh I want to visit that place in Edmonton, it looks fabulous!
Say hi to Cheryl and Laurel for me!

Love you, Mom

Bren said...

Ooooh, I feel like I am invited to a family gathering here...you are all present in the comments section..you, your sister, and your Mom.
Thanks for sharing your day. I love that book too, and now want to go read the sleep section!

Christy Lee said...

Hi Jenny, I'm a regular reader of your mom's blog and I love it, but at the same time it's nice to have someone in a similar starting-out situation to read about. I'm just glad it's you!! It looks like you're doing a good job, I will be a regular reader...you can visit my blog at www.chriskit81.blogspot.com anytime.

Em said...

Hi Jenny,
Yet another reader of your Mums blog has come to visit. I so enjoyed your wedding photos and then the details of your Mum and Dads trip to see you. How nice to find you had started this blog so we are seeing the next chapter.
Starting a new home together is such a wonderful adventure, enjoy every minute of it.
Best wishes, Eileen.

Johannah said...

Your mom introduced us all to your new blog. I'm a reader now. You sound happy and well. Yeah!

And, speaking of Upper Canada Village, Kate, Dave, Karin and I took the kids there today. They loved it. Although, when we attended the schoolhouse, and the teacher brought out the leather strap, Caelah was terrified. She asked;"Is that how school will be for me next year?" My poor girl! I had to explain that this was 100 years ago.
Love, Jo

Lady of the Manor said...

Hi Jenny, Mary Beth & I dropped in to say hello. Wonderful to see you doing so well. Say hello to your husband for all of us. Love Margaret, aka Lady of the Manor

Jennifer said...

Nessa, I know you do! You helped me get into that "deep freeze" tradition, and I think I'm pretty blessed to have him! ^^

Mom, Next time you're up (Maybe october???) We'll take you there, it's so much fun.

Bren, That book is pretty awesome, it's amazing how many women love it, yet I only heard of it last year ^^

Hi Christy-lee! Welcome to my blog ~ I've been reading my mom's blog for months too, and it is nice to read a more "starting out" blog, I agree! I know I'll be visiting your blog alot!

Hello Eileen!
The photo's are great eh? I should really post some of the wedding on my own blog lol! But I think all my readers probably saw the ones on moms!

Hi Jo!
I'm glad you found me - I always enjoy reading your blog.
Oooh poor Caelah, life was tougher back then for sure.

Hi Margaret and Mary-Beth!
I will for sure say 'hi' to Jeremie for you. Thanks for stopping by. :D

~ Jenny

One Christian Mom said...

I just linked to your blog through your mom's. Your home is gorgeous, and the food looks delish. You are falling into your role as keeper of ther home quite nicely! :-)

Daughter of the King said...

Hi found your blog through your Mom's of course sounds like everyone did. Nice to see a new couple starting out...I love that book too have only checked it out of the library but really should buy it, it is sooooo big and full of wonderful information...May you look well to the ways of your household...
Blessings, Joann
My blog is at
I am taking a blogging break right now but will be back soon...

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog via your mom's :)

Your home is lovely. You are doing such a wonderful job.

Your mom most smile quite often knowing she has raised such a lovely lady :)