Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Post

Poor Hubs is sick today - he was painting all day yesterday and though he was wearing a mask the fumes really messed with his head (dizziness and light-headedness) and his throat is completely raw.

I don't know what kind of mask he was wearing but clearly it didn't do the trick.

He's pretty sure that he'll be fine tomorrow though. In the meantime, I'm feeding him lots of tea with honey and just letting him relax.

Good thing I borrowed all those movies from the Library recently. He'll have pleanty to choose from, which is good because I'm going to be all over the city today.

It's my day off and I thought I'd be busing, but since I unexpectedly have the car I'll be using that.

I plan on checking out that organic grocery store "Planet Organic" it's supposed to be quite good, and there's one right in the north end, so not too far away either.

I need to go to Dollarama to get some more cheap paints for my altered book which is turning out swimmingly! I can't wait to post some photos.

And, as much as I hate to, go to Walmart. Jair and I decided to move into "ugly room" we just need the space! So I'll be getting a floor-rug to cover some of the ugly and some hooks and shelves.

The good news is, I'm going to be turning our new guest-bedroom into half of my crafting room.

True, there really isn't much room, but enough for a small table, a chair, and a closed door to keep the cat out of my paints. Sounds pretty good to me!

Well, better get going.

- Jenny


Irene said...

I hope he feels better today. David had the same thing happen when he refinished our floors in Belleville. Not nice. Have a great day.

Love The lady on maple hill

Jennifer said...

Thanks Irene!
Yeah, he's just feeling cruddy - as it turns out, he may also have a cold. One's been going around the shop lately.

P.s. Can't wait to see your first post ;)