Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why Is There A Dog In The Library?

Not a question you hear very often.

Today has been a busy day from the get-go. Navigating the buses, getting to work on time, a two-hour meeting first thing - Phew! No wonder I'm tired.
But the strangest thing happened when Mel, the head Librarian, came in from her lunch break carrying a small copper coloured, wiry-haired dog.
Apparently the dog had crossed 118th (a four-lane road) several times carelessly, before Mel saved the pup.

It was collarless but very friendly and happy to see people.

It seems, the only thing Mel could think of to do was to bring it to the Library! So for most of the afternoon "Franny" (the dog had originally been nicknamed "frank" by the staff, until we realized "frank" was a girl) ran around in the back getting under people's feet and stopping to be petted and loved.

All was going well, and Mel had decided to call the SPCA when Franny bolted out of the back room (someone had left the door open accidentally) and happily started to sniff around patrons and beg for pets.

The patrons took it well - and most enjoyed seeing 4 Librarians dashing out into the relatively quiet Library to wrangle down a puppy.

It made the afternoon go by quickly. :D

Oh! And this morning was interesting too! Anyone walking by the Library at 9:00 AM would have been pretty confused to see two Librarians laughing their heads off, one of which is lying on the ground, the other, unsuccessfully trying to trace her with chalk.
We had a detective children's program running this afternoon, a live "Clue" game for the kids to play. Teri, my co-worker was organizing it and volunteered me to be a "dead body" for her to trace around in front of the Library.

So there I was lying on the pavement at nine AM, thankfully on top of my rain coat because I refused to lie down on goodness knows what! and in the basic 'dead-body position' right leg bent out, one arm raised above head etc.
And Teri laughing at the ridiculousness of tracing me with thin chalk-board chalk, because she couldn't find her sidewalk chalk.

So all in all, one heck of an interesting day.

In other news, our high was +16. That's right. Plus Sixteen.
It felt like October when I went to go catch my bus, I was almost in the mood to go get a pumpkin to carve.

Please warm up Edmonton!

- Jenny


Niki RuralWritings said...

You took the words right out of my mouth...it was October here today too! Sounds like a fun day at work, and I'm so happy you're enjoying it there :)

Hey, kinda surprised you didn't "adopt" Franny! But wise that you didn't
love u big

Jennifer said...

I almost adopted franny! ^^ But I knew Jeremie would be less than impressed if I showed up with a dog!
Work is going great!

The back deck looks awesome too - LOL I love how Jack is still sitting there. :)

<3 ya!
- Jenny