Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taste of Edmonton

So I finally ventured to "Taste of Edmonton 2009." It was actually really fun.
You bought tickets then spent the tickets at different vendors which would give you a sample of their food. There was generally two choices per vendor.
My favourite was the rice pudding from a Korean restaurant, Jeremie's favourite was the pad thai.

We both had a bunch of fun, there were people everywhere though. The crowd was huge, but still manageable. There was a live band playing and a wading fountain to cool off in.
It was a stinking hot 33 degrees, but it didn't seem to stop people from eating hot food on the sweltering sun.
The hottest thing I ate was a deep-fried Mars bar. I remembered my sister telling me once how amazing it was - and it was delicious, but I think I would have appreciated it more had I myself not been melting in the heat.

I've been going to "Planet Organic" a lot. A local organic market - I do have to be choosy of course, as Organic tends to be quite a bit more money. But for things like fresh veg and some fruits, I find it worth it.

I bought Jeremie a light cotton shirt, and he's been just living in it that past few days. Like any fair-skinned person, he burns easily, so when he found he could be covered and cool, it just took the cake.
It's tan coloured and tunic-style with a small collar and three buttons that go halfway down his chest. With his shaggy wavy blond hair, he looks just like a hippie. It's pretty funny.

I borrowed this book from the Library a few weeks ago - I had seen it at the bookstore, but decided to borrow it first before buying, and boy, do I love it.
It reads so well, and is interesting from cover to cover. It's informative without being full of lingo and resourceful in a very practical way.
Did I mention it's also Canadian?!? Heck yes it is!
I've already recommended it to Mom, but I thought I'd share it with everyone else too.
It covers everything from beauty/bath products, food, clothing, personal hygiene, cleaners for your house - everything! All backed with Internet sites, resources, and store guides. It talks about different chemicals and ingredients without being confusing, and talks about how alot of "organic" labeled isn't quite as organic as it sounds.

So if you're worrying about what you're eating/cleaning/absorbing into your body, I would check out this book. You won't be disappointed.
Well, enough babbling from me!
- Jenny


Niki RuralWritings said...

Where is a pic of Jeremie in his snazzy new shirt??? Glad you enjoyed Taste of Edmonton..I've requested the book from the library so will let you know what I think of it once I've rec'd and read it.

Jennifer said...

I should post a pic of him! :D
Hope you like the book Mum - Oh! and I mailed the package yesterday, they said it'd be there in 7 shipping days.

<3 you.

- Jen