Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whyte Ave Art Walk

Hello Again,

I'm so happy to have a sunny day; for the last week its been constant cold drizzle. The rain and storms have been relentless, and we even got a tornado warning a few days ago! Thank goodness there were no sightings or I'd be hiding downstairs under the staircase for the rest of the day.
As it is, today was gloriously sunny and warm. A perfect day to kick off the "Whyte Ave. Art Walk."

The art walk is basically local artisans who have displayed their wears on the sidewalk outside shops that run along Whyte Ave. A well-known 'artsy' section of the city. Not only do they sell their artwork, but the majority had easels up and were painting right beside the passersby.

Jeremie and I, as well as Vince and Paula (dad and mom-in-law) walked along the streets for a good few hours. Although we did lose each other a few times and would suddenly spot each other, wave like mad-people and dodge across the street to meet.

There were so many things I would have loved to buy - but most paintings were approx. $80-$400 dollars. So not happening any time soon.
However, I did get this lovely necklace for $15.00.

It's hard to tell, but the pendant is actually a domino piece. It's painted on one side, stamped then varnished.
I loved it right away.
It was so much fun talking with all the artists about their work. Finding out the mediums they use and how they do it.
I found a really cool artist who did "Altered Books" and I wish I could post a photo here, but, as a courtesy, I didn't take along my camera, as most artists prefer not to have their work photographed.
It's basically an old, fabric book turned into a journal by painting over pages and decorating the page before journaling.
I'm hoping to take a class in Fall - though I will probably try it by myself before then. ;)
Tomorrow we drive Vince and Paula to the Grayhound station for their long bus-ride back, and then work tomorrow!

God Bless,
~ Jenny


Lady of the Manor said...

Hi Jenny, Its Margaret Here - So glad to see you posting again on your blog. I love to hear how you are doing. Jenny can you e-mail me? Do you have my e-mail address or can you get it from your Mom? I don't have an e-mail address for you. I have a little question for you but don't want to ask you on your blog. Thanks Jenny, and it's really great to see how you are doing - we think of you both often - busy days here for us lately and some difficult ones too - a very wet and cool summer so far. Sincerely, Margaret P.S. If you reply to this comment I don't get it because we don't have this e-mail address anymore - just haven't change my info yet.

Irene said...

Welcome back!! It is great to see what you guys are doing. Elise is really busy so I keep her up to date by what is going on. The necklace is beautiful. I am so happy that you got a job with the library. It is exciting for you to be back in the books. :) I can see that God has surely blesses you guys and that you will do well in Edmonton.

Love The lady on Maple Hill